Big Dots Revised

Around 12 months ago, I started a little TeacherspayTeachers store to house my growing collection of clipart and graphics. Those that have known me that long, can appreciate how far I have come.

I never had a clear picture of where I wanted to go with it, I only knew one thing. I loved creating digital images, loved learning how to get better every day, and LOVED sharing with other teachers. I have quite a long and challenging little relationship with clipart for digital teaching resources, and every time I banged my head against a brick wall, or faced a big expense trying to find them for myself, little did I know I was one step closer to biting the bullet, and making them myself. For someone that was only used to drawing and painting with paper, canvas, pencils and pastels, it has been a HUGE and challenging journey. One that is quite emotional for me, and one that has been intensely personal for many reasons.

So here I am one year later, feeling like it has been ten years. A little tired, but reflecting on how much I have learnt and feeling quite proud (can I say that?!)

I started out wanting nothing more than to ease the struggle (that I had faced) for other teachers and self-publishers. To give others some creative freedom to make resources and teaching aids to further share once more with even more teachers. There is no feeling like starting a project, inserting some images and knowing full well, that you wont be faced with a copyright and limited usage issues years down the track. I wanted to give other people the freedom that I had found myself.

Thank you to all the wonderful people that have supported Graphics From the Pond this past year. You and your wonderful comments and emails of support have kept me going.

I received a very important email last week, with a show of support that I never saw coming, and it reaffirmed that I have been on the right track. It can be a lonely and confusing existence at times, I am sure others in this arena will know what I mean. I am grateful for this recent support, as it has spurred me to give even more for our second year of graphics! And my special people - you know who you are - I won't forget your kindness, respect and support. And you will be repaid one day, cause that is how the world works you know!

Those of you in this arena, will understand how brave you have to be, to 'put your stuff out there', amongst some of the most talented and respected teachers around the world. I love you even more that you sent me messages telling me my first attempts were grand, even though some of them were far from. Thank you. I mean it! I was shocked at the time, and continue to be. Teachers rock!

To celebrate, I have revised a FREE set that is long overdue! Our 'Big Dots' have been given a freshen up.

This was the first set of borders I ever created. I know each of those dots like the back of my hand, because, not knowing any better, I drew each individual one to make the pattern. My word! See how the dots are not even and perfect circles - that's cause I didn't know how to do it! How things have changed.... he he! I really am self taught you see! The first collection took me a few days to get finished, now I am far better skilled, I was able to revise them in far less time - and add MORE!

The set now included digital papers, unfilled borders and filled borders.
And the whole spanking lot is now also included in A4 size for my growing troop of fellow Aussie resource-makers!

So if you love the Big Dots as much as I do, you may want to head over to TpT and get yourself a brand new set!

Every time I see them, I get a bit choked up, thinking about my journey, and the days I sat down (a little scared but excited) to attempt a pattern with those dots
and for you .... I hope you see bright fun and happiness.