12 Things I Loved About Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year. We do not celebrate too many 'holidays' here in Australia, so Christmas is the BIG one! It coincides with the end of the school year, the summer break from school, and many families have time off work to relax and unwind for the year.

1. Family
Need I say any more? 

2. Chocolate
This big girl shaved a cool 5kg off on the lead up to Christmas, to have some room to indulge, and I think I many have popped them all back on over the last 3 days. I just inhale chocolate and go up a dress size, but it is too good to resist!

3. The smiles and excitement on my children's faces!
All parents will understand..... There is nothing like it, next to memories of your own childhood Christmas days!

4. Christmas papers and cards.
Me, paper and ink. 

5. Little Dutch Girl Teapot Cutie
My hubby knows that next to chocolate, tea is what warms my heart, and this little beauty will look wonderful in my collection!

6. Shortbread
Me. Sugar. Butter. You get the picture.

7. Husbands who FIX things.... eventually
I am blessed to have a Dad that can fix just about anything.... but I married a man who knows how to shop!
Christmas 2011, hubby followed my directions found this little tea infuser/cup and I was IN LOVE! Two days later he broke it. I'm not saying he is clumsy, just that A LOT of things in my house get broken... hmmmm. However, he finally redeemed himself with this addition to my Christmas stocking this year! 

8. Great big its been tooooooo-long hugs with people who you saw last Christmas and promised you would see sooner.

9. The anticipation of starting a fresh new diary and a fresh new calendar! Did someone say kikki k and boxing day sales??

10. Christmas Tea
This was the best present - honestly, its like drinking Christmas. I have had 6 already, and am dreading seeing the bottom of the tin.

11. Heartfelt thanks!
Love getting and giving heartfelt thanks for gifts and the end of a great year!

12. Santa
Love the big fat red man