5 Fab Freebies for Frogs

5 fab friday freebies from the pond

1. Funny Frogs Coloring Page

Find this fun coloring page featuring 3 cute long leg frogs, over in our Coloring Club
3 frog coloring page

2. Frog Screen Wallpaper

Add a bright happy frog screen wallpaper to your screens. It's FREE!
Frog Wallpaper

3. 5 Frogs on a Log Coloring Page

Learn counting to 5 and numeral formation with our 5 Frogs on a log coloring page. It's free in the Coloring Club!
5 frogs coloring page

4. Frog Drawing 

Find this project over on Art for the Class!

5. Paper Craft Frog

Freehand make a paper frog like my daughter, using green paper rolled into a cylinder. Cut paper scraps for details and glue to secure!

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