Froggy Brings You 5 Fab Freebies!

Another Friday is upon us! Don't you just love Fridays! Its Friday for only 45 more minutes here in Australia, so I had better jump right to it!
I found
frog themed
resources from 5 insanely awesome TeacherspayTeachers teacher-authors for you today!
Tracy Tegelar has a  very cute frog themed craft activity that will go perfectly with any frog themed book you have!
As my sister is saying at the moment - too tute! Yes, I said my sister, not me!
Megan Mitchell has a free Frogand Toad Craft Project
Could there be two sweeter friends in the world? Love it!
Robin Sellers has a LeapFrog Origami Pattern
I know what my daughter will be making this weekend - we are right into origami right now!
Lil Country Kindergarten has made a
A frog AND a hundreds chart - what is not to love in that combination!
forkin4th has made some very sweet FrogStationery - I love that frog!
Thanks for hopping in to check them out, please remember to give these wonderful teachers some lovely feedback when you download! It will make their day - trust me!
Have a great Friday!

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