Piggy In the Middle!

I made these new number games for numeral identification to 20. My daughter has made so much progress, but I think I would like to see her identifying 12, 13 and 15 more readily. Do you find these numbers always trick your kinders too? Why can't we have a two-teen!?

Shoe Match
Have your students play Shoe Match to practice subitizing 1-9 and addition 10-20. They will add two dot pattern arrangements and match it to a numeral card to show the pair of shoes that match!

Students will get practice in matching numerals to dot pattern arrangements of numbers in the range 1-20

This file includes 40 game cards, recording worksheet, cover page and detailed game instructions

Find it HERE

Teen Bingo
Have you got students working on numeral identification for teen numbers 11-20. They can be tricky to learn and students need lots of exposure and practise recognizing these numerals.

Play a game of bingo to make this repetitive learning fun!

The printable file includes 6 game boards, a set of caller cards and a detailed game instruction sheet

Find it HERE

Piggy in the Middle is a fun and engaging math center for learning about numbers before and after.

It will be great for your students that are learning to recognize and order numerals 10-50. 

Students will take a card and identify the number that is missing from the 'middle'. This will help your students think about forward and backward number sequence (before/after numbers). 

Find it HERE 

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