Piggy In the Middle!

I have just found some adorable new FREE fonts from a fab friend of mine, Stef Galvin. I love her blog, and especially her blog name 'Miss Galvin Learns' - as most good teachers know, we are the ones doing some significant learning each and every day!
Head over to her TpT store to find some of her new cute and 100% free fonts! Nice.

I made these new number games for numeral identification to 20. My daughter has made so much progress, but I think I would like to see her faster identifying 12, 13 and 15. Do you find these numbers always trick your kinders too? Why can't we have a two-teen!
Find it HERE
Find it HERE
One of my all-time favourite TpT'ers Cynthia, over at 2nd Grade Pad has organised some wonderful fundraisers to help a fellow seller, Teresa who is having a very difficult time with her health at the  moment.
This is one of the wonderful reasons so many teachers around the world are becoming passionate about blogging, networking and TeacherspayTeachers. It has little to do with the money to be made, and more to do with the connections, teamwork and collegiality we are immersed in via our computer screens. Some of us are finding more opportunity to collaborate and support than we do in our 'real' schools. This is one great example!
Teresa loves all-things-pigs! Some awesome teacher authors have collaborated to give you the opportunity to both help Teresa AND get a whole pile of WONDERFUL resources!
Head HERE to check it out!
I missed the opportunity to join the set (these girls work fast!) - but I want to help too.
If you would like my latest set of little pnk piggies clipart FREE, all you have to do is help spread the word about Cynthia's blog post, and then email me to collect this cute new set:
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Then, just email me at frogspotblog (at) hotmail (dot) com - pop in the symbols and close the gaps to tell me you have helped!
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