Bunny Counts by Twos

Yes, there is a very cute freebie coming  your way, but first, let me explain how we got there....

It all started with some cups.

Very cute paper cups that just had to be mine (and my daughters)... who am I kidding - I was in love with them!

What was I to do with them? Have a quick game of  'Cups' (any other tragic Friends fans out there?!)

Nah.... let's face it, they were always destined for a teaching or learning or crafty experience...

First, we whipped up some numbered jumbo popsticks

And gave each cute bunny cup, two ears

to help learn to count by 2s to ten.....

We talked about how you can skip every second number when counting, to get to ten faster!
We read this cute book about number 2 from the Scholastic Number Tales series.

Later after my little ones were tucked into bed, I got thinking about counting by 2s and how I have always wanted a poster number line that gives a visual reminder to skip every 2nd number. I thought about doing a picture of a bunny jumping over every second number, but settled on this one...showing how to count the number of ears on the bunny line up, but with one number made to stand out - helping our little ones to remember that the number is still there, we just don't say it!

In the classroom, I would introduce the idea of counting by 2s and then practise with this number line, pointing to the numbers and having the students whisper the lightly displayed numerals.

And you can use these posters for FREE - in your classroom or at home.Please do not re-distribute this file, if you would like to share it -send your friends over to my blog to find it!

Just click HERE To download it from google docs.

 What ceative ways do you teach counting by 2s?