Activities for Hundreds Chart

This is a big bundle of 12 fun math center activities that will help your students learn about counting and number order on a hundred chart. 

There is one for each month of the year:

January - Snowman
February - Valentine Cupcake
March - Pot of Gold
April - Chick
May - Patch of Flowers
June - Sun
July - Sandcastle
August - School Bus
September - Apple
October - Pumpkin
November - Turkey
December - Gift

Choose from either the blank or numbered base board, copy a hundred chart onto coloured paper and cut it into puzzle sections. 

Your students will love re-buidling the hundred chart to put the puzzle back together. The themed topper will add a fun motivating element to your students' learning.

Each packet also includes a worksheet for follow up learning, and a cover page to help you organize your center materials. 

Try a free sample of this activity HERE

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