Just a little bit of talking really!

There are so many wonderful resources available to help children learn that have been created and designed with thoughtful, creative and colorful graphics. Our students are lucky to engage with motivating and interactive activities on the Smartboard, that are equally as colourful and creative.

I often like to take a break from the wonderful visual motivators and learning tools, and focus on auditory activities - learning experiences that help children develop strong auditory memory and skills such as the ability to visualise and imagine! Equally as important are auditory activities that will help with language and literacy.

A simple favorite of mine when I have a few spare minutes, is to have the children listen to me say a series of 4 or 5 letter sounds, e.g. H G K M T and then have the whole class, or individuals repeat them back to me. Challenge the students to say them in reverse order. Put emphasis on one sound in particular, and ask the class which sound was singled out. Ask them to repeat the sequence back with this emphasis.

I also like to say a little communication rhyme with the class. I say "Have you got your loud voice" (in a loud voice), they repeat back in chorus, "yes we have, we really have" (in matching loud voices). I then say "have you got your quiet voice", and they repeat back "yes we have, we really have", and I carry on, with "angry voice", "happy voice" "teacher voice" "baby voice" etc. The children absolutely LOVE playing along. It is quite helpful for students with communication difficulties and also lots of fun!