Two Cheeky - Teaching Addition

This printable game activity will be great for new kinders who need the support of hands-on or concrete materials to hold, move and touch as they learn to add numbers together. 

In Two Cheeky children will add freckles (counters) to their game board to model addition. The two cheeks will help reinforce the idea of two different groups. The children can write their numbers down on their worksheet, once they have found the total of their two groups.

Little Miss 4 now decided that after her dinner/bath routine each night, we should play one of my games - who am I to argue?

We played Two Cheeky tonight - and she LOVED it! She is still a little young to really understand addition, but she enjoyed rolling the die and counting the dots to find the number. I am sure soon, she will beging to recognise the dice numbers instantly. She practiced counting out the right number of counters and loved adding them to her face game board.

I used the opportunity to encouage lots of math language and talking about numbers and counting. So although we didn't quite play to my instructions, she got so much out of it. I am sure you could think of many ways to use this resource in your math lessons too.

Roll the die, and put your counters on!

One cheek has counters, now for the other side!

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