Paper Bag Detective!

This is a simple activity to help your students with their alphabet, letter sounds and also communicate with the class.

  • You will need consonant letters printed on cards (e.g. index cards).
  • The children draw a card from a box or bag. 
  • Attach the card to a note (and place it in a paper bag) asking their parent to take them on a home tour looking for objects that begin with the letter sound they drew. 
  • One or two small objects may be brought back to school the next day in the paper bag. 
  • The letter card should be plainly attached to the bag. 
  • Your detectives can then be encouraged to describe one of their objects to the class without naming it. Other students can guess the object. You may like to limit the activity to 3-5 "detectives" each day. Perhaps these students could wear a detective badge or hat for part of the day.