Number Poem Posters

Help your little learners write numbers 0 to 9 with these fun and catchy number poems. Each number poem has a poster visual and page in the student activity book! Your classroom will be cute, bright and fun with our happy design style!

The rhymes will help students remember the path of motion for writing each numeral and we have provided 3 options for you to display them:

  1. All-on-one page poster
  2. Individual page sized posters
  3. Type-your-own poem posters
Included also is a student activity book. Students can read the poem and trace and write the numbers

We've written a little rhyme for each number, which your students will love learning and repeating as they do their numbers. 

But if you have a favorite rhyme alternative, just type it into the editable version before you print!

A perfect activity to accompany learning these rhymes is the little activity book we have included with the pack. Students can trace, trace and write each number as they say the poem!

Watch our video to help your little ones learn the poems!

Number Crafts

Your students will love making some number friends to display around the classroom too! Find them over at TpT!