Doubles for Addition

Our Print and Play math activities make learning easy-to-prep and lots of fun! Make learning the doubles, doubles plus one and double tens strategies a breeze with our pack of 4 apple themed math centers.

The games include:

1. Apple Double

Students will roll a six sided die and double before locating the numeral.

2. Apple Core

Students will find the total of the 2 sides of the apple - using a double (up to double 12 = 24)

3. Double Tree + 1

Students will use the doubles plus one strategy to find the total apples on each tree.

4. Apple Bump

Students will double 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 to find the totals on the game board.

They are perfect for math centers and game-rotations.

A follow-up worksheet and cover page (for your organization of resources) is provided for each activity. Hop over to our store to find them waiting for you.