Fun Printable Activities for Addition

I love finding new ways to make content that requires a lot of repetition - like addition - fun and engaging. Hands on games and activities are perfect! Your little learners will be having fun AND learning - win, win!

Here are a couple of our favourites. 

This is a printable math center activity or small group game to play with a small group to learn the addition strategy of 'counting on'. 

Your student/s will learn to 'count on' from the big number to find the total on each cone. 

The visual support offers students help as they make the transition from using concrete materials to solve addition to completing them with a formal written maths sentence. Each card features two cards, one with a numeral, and the other a dot pattern arrangement.

Have your studemts play shoe match to practice subitizing 1-9 and addition 10-20. They will add two dot pattern arrangements and match it to a numeral card to show the pair of shoes that match!

Students will get practice in matching numerals to dot pattern arrangements of numbers in the range 1-20

This activity will help your students create and solve 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems from a family of 3 numbers. 

Use the cards as 'Write and Wipe Cards' or Task Cards. A recording worksheet is provided.

You will need to laminate these cards before use with a dry-erase marker.

This packet also includes a blackline printable worksheet - students can record the findings from each of their cards. 

All of my 'print and play' math games include detailed printable instruction, a 'cover page' to help you sort and organize your resources. and a worksheets for students to record or extend their learning.

We also have a good selection of free activities for addition - find them HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about our printable learning activities that will make your class program come to life!