Spring Addition with Play Dough

Perfect for spring, these flower play dough mats make an engaging early math activity!

As well as using play dough, you could also use dry erase markers or tokens/chips to play with these game boards!

Students roll play dough balls to make petals for each flower. They can say the simple rhyme as they make them. 

They then add the petals to model an addition problem and find a card that matches the total to display on their board.

They can then record their actions on the worksheet provided. 

This activity is encouraging many dough skills that will help your students fine motor strength - rolling, pinching, flattening and moulding. 

This packet includes 52 mats and all addition problems total 20 or less (addition within 20

I have a flower coloring page that will complement this resource too - find it in google drive HERE

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