Sunday, 22 November 2015

Phonics and Fluency - Zoom Cards

Help your students work on fluency at home with Zoom Cards!

I sequence my phonics program carefully. It is structured, and students build 'brick by brick' on what they already know (free printable on sequence HERE). 

These zoom cards, numbered from 1 to 34 will step learners through a sequenced set of letter sound patterns and words. 

They include cards for 

- single sounds
- word families
- cvc words 
- consonant blends
- ccvc words
- cvcc words
- consonant digraphs 
- nasals


The cards are backline so you can copy them onto brightly coloured paper to add some interest. 


Give each student a small plastic pouch to keep their cards in. You can assess the students quickly on a Friday to determine if they are ready to move onto the next card. It is personal choice, but I would recommend aiming for 100% accuracy. 

Students have a card for the whole week and time themselves reading the sounds/words each night. They can record their best times and try to get faster as the week progresses. With 34 cards, there is enough to cover the whole year. 


My printable Zoom Cards file can be found on my TpT store!

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Make Ten - Christmas


My Make Ten Christmas bundle has four easy-prep activities to motivate and encourage your students to learn the addition combinations to ten.

They can play Santa Makes Ten, Make Ten Snowman, Let it Snow and Make Ten Tree to add some festive fun to their learning. 


Your students will get lots of practice discovering numbers that combine to make a total of ten. 

The bundle is on sale for today and you can find it in my TpT store by clicking on the image below:

While you are in my TpT store, grab the fun and FREE subtraction game Santa Sleigh Drop to print and play with your students!

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