Five for Friday - 13th November

I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching with a Five for Friday post!

1. #onmyteacherdesk this week is a reminder for me to live with more intention and less out of habit. As a routine-oriented person, it is something I have to constantly work at. 

2. Christmas

Here in Australia we are heading onto our last 4 or 5 weeks of teaching for the entire year! We start our summer break in the week before Christmas. As we finish our regular teaching programs, assess learning and plan end-of-year events, we like to integrate some 'Christmas' into our classrooms. I just added a new addition game to my TpT store that will help you get into the festive spirit! 


3. My baby big boy is drawing!

This is the most beautiful octopus drawing ever. 

4. Readers Theatre

I am 'new' to reader's theatre (theater in USA). The Grade 2 classroom I visit on a Thursday have been doing them all year with huge success. The teacher reports that her reluctant readers have become fluent and especially animated during these fun reading sessions. It is so rewarding as a teacher to see shy and nervous readers become confident and expressive. 

I am heading back to the classroom full time next year and have started gathering and prepping some resources already. Readers Theatre is definitely something I am going to implement in my classroom. I LOVE this bundle from A Teeny Tiny Teacher. Kristen gives you tips on how to prep and organise them for super easy implementation in your class program. 

I printed some out this week and practiced with my daughter. I always have a trial run of new resources at home before I take them to class - and my daughter loved them!

You can find this amazing bundle over at TpT:

5. Relaxation and Creativity

My friend Jenny has published a coloring book! It is an adult coloring book full of pop art contemporary designs. I love it so much because it has a twist on a regular coloring book. Jenny has added a unique interactive component to most of her pages, where you get to choose your own patterns, designs and textures. I love taking a little brain break from my regular work and coloring a new section on a page I am working on. 

You can find it on Amazon HERE

My friend Heidi from The Doodle Oven has recently done a blog post filled with Coloring Tips and Tricks if you need a refresher on colouring with style! 

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