End of Year + Christmas Student Gift

Here in Australia the end of the school year is almost upon us. We are busy finalising school reports and assessments, sending work home and hosting closing programs and events. 

We are also saying some goodbyes. 

I have to say goodbye soon, to some of the most amazing teachers and students you could ever meet. I have been beyond blessed to be overwhelmingly embraced and supported at a school full of positive, professional, honest and inspiring colleagues for the last three years. I have learnt so much about teaching first grade and helped implement dynamic and emerging curriculum. 

I have simply loved being in a team surrounded by fellow teacher-marigolds. I am beyond certain that what I have been a very small part of at this school will stay with me forever. 

It will also be sad to say goodbye to our students. 

Today I made a fun printable to help you make super-easy student gifts for the end of the Australian teaching year. These little Christmas Owls can be easily printed and wrapped around Cadbury Furry Friends

A pack of 5 cost me around three dollars. 

I printed the wrappers and cut them out. 

And put a little sticky tape on the back. Voila. Student gifts done! 

You can find the FREE printable to make yours, HERE on Google Drive.

I wish you all the very best in saying goodbye!

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