Sunday, 13 October 2013

Wonderful Word Walls

I have always LOVED using word walls. Both with Kindergarten and the few years I have taught 1st and 2nd grades. I have a standard year-long alphabetically-organised word wall for common sight words and I also create theme-based word walls for units of work and special holidays and events. I enjoy creating fun ways to display the words - for example nursery rhyme themed words on a giant 'Humpty Dumpty's wall). 

I have always found physical space to be an issue however. With SO much to cover in the current curriculum and being rather partial to displaying the students' artwork, classroom display space is at a premium! The value of enhancing vocabulary with a language rich display of words is SO beneficial - oh the dilemma! 

I have considered that conundrum when designing this new series of resources. I wanted a systematic and organised way of both building and using a word wall collection. These sets will be consistent in design. Your students will get very used to the concept AND you will be able to mix and match resources! That my friends is ultimate value! 

I have 5 in the series of Word Wall Wonder Packs to date! You can purchase them in sets

Or individually... 

Each file contains a set of themed based words. A picture and word combination is featured on each card.

They are small in size, making them perfect for little hands and for interactive learning. Your students can easily pick up, move and USE their word cards! Imagine the understanding that will develop when you ask your students to sort the words alphabetically, and they can physically move the words around, rather than just trying to write them.

Don't pin the cards on the wall, where they cannot be handled by your students - put them in a pocket chart low to student eye level, place them in a theme-based tub or container.....

... or clip them around the edge of a theme based poster!

Here is one I created for an apple theme. The words go around the edge, and can be easily unclipped by your students. 

Put a bundle of worksheets in a sleeve in the middle of the poster chart - students can access them independently. 

The idea of these word wall packets is that students USE the cards to assist them in writing or word work. They take 4 cards from the set (you may need to print additional cards to cater for a specific number of students) and place them down on their worksheet. They then complete the writing task or activities using these words. The students around them will be completing similar tasks with DIFFERENT words!

Once the activities are completed, students can then draw and write the words into the spaces, as a record of their learning before returning the word cards to the chart or tub. 

The BEST feature of these resources, is that the 4 worksheets in each file can be used with ANY set of our word cards. That means that you can create new and fun activities just by switching around the cards and sheets. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!