Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Big Numbers

Big Numbers Bingo is a resource that I recently added to our 'From the Pond' collection. It will help students learn to quickly identify 3-digit numbers beyond 100.

When playing games with 'caller cards' I like to let students use little tubs to keep the cards in. These ones are travel soap boxes. Use one for fresh cards, and one for cards already played. Staying tidy and organised during game-play will help your students get the most learning out of their time.

I am on-the-lookout for red and green coloured boxes. Red would be great for cards already played, and green for unused (stop/go). 

 This game has been listed in my TpT store. Find it HERE if you are interested.

I am super excited to use these alligator "Less Than" / "Greater Than" posters to introduce the concept to my firsties. Perfect timing to be used with 'big numbers'! Printed and ready to go.

I found them FREE on TpT!
Find the HERE if you would like a set.

I made this additional activity that can be used after a game of Big Numbers Bingo. Ask your students to use the number call cards to find combinations to show greater than/less than. You can download this  for free from Google Drive!

Find it HERE

My firsties need a little 'morning table work' to keep them busy and focused during our reading time. I am finding some groups are reading for quite a while longer than others and it is easy for the classroom to get very noisy - very quickly. My students love this style of worksheet. It will help with speedy identification of blends and handwriting. Remind your students to SAY the sound as they spin it - this will help them focus. I ask my students to trace in one colour while they are playing the game, and once the activity has finished, to trace the remaining sounds in another colour - the more practice the better!

Find it for FREE on google drive HERE

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