Monday Morning Randomness!

Congratulations to Pamela Petralia who won the $50 TpT gift voucher on The Teaching Tribune! Happy spending Pamela! I just emailed you your voucher.

Thank you to everyone that entered and participated in our hop!

I am not a 5th class/grade teacher but I adore looking at photos of classrooms! Terry has a great post on The Teaching Tribune today and you can see lots of great photos of her room organisation. Honestly, I could look at photos of classrooms all day long! 

If you have purchased my 'Lined Paper' graphics before, please re-download the revised set! I have made them better for teachers around the globe - by making them begin with a solid line at the top. Apparently most other countries do things differently that we do here in Australia. So I have moved the lines around for you....

I created a set that has a DARK baseline. I think this will help your students see exactly where their letters will stand.

And also, a gray shaded set.

And I have kept the original pages in the download as a bonus, so that my Aussie friends can make great worksheets too. We write between two solid lines, and have a dotted 'sky' and 'underground' line for the tall and long letters. It has been  interesting to see the differences around the globe!