Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday Morning Randomness!

Congratulations to Pamela Petralia who won the $50 TpT gift voucher on The Teaching Tribune! Happy spending Pamela! I just emailed you your voucher.

Thank you to everyone that entered and participated in our hop!

I am not a 5th class/grade teacher but I adore looking at photos of classrooms! Terry has a great post on The Teaching Tribune today and you can see lots of great photos of her room organisation. Honestly, I could look at photos of classrooms all day long! 

If you have purchased my 'Lined Paper' graphics before, please re-download the revised set! I have made them better for teachers around the globe - by making them begin with a solid line at the top. Apparently most other countries do things differently that we do here in Australia. So I have moved the lines around for you....

I created a set that has a DARK baseline. I think this will help your students see exactly where their letters will stand.

And also, a gray shaded set.

And I have kept the original pages in the download as a bonus, so that my Aussie friends can make great worksheets too. We write between two solid lines, and have a dotted 'sky' and 'underground' line for the tall and long letters. It has been  interesting to see the differences around the globe! 


The Polished Teacher said...

So interesting to see your "Aussie paper"! I have never seen such a thing before! How neat!


Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep! said...

Hi Mel,

I've never seen writing lines with dotted ones above and below... and I'm just nearby in Queensland! Our beginner lines are 4 solid lines (blue in the middle, red above and below), with a dotted line in between the blue ones (right where you would start the letter e). Does that make sense? We get rid of the single dotted line about Year 3. Who would have thought that there would be differences even in Australia! :)

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Julie Stowe said...

Brilliant find. I have had a few Queensland requests for the paper I use for writing. I directed them to officeworks for the line style book but now I can direct to you. I should have guessed that you'd have created something. Thanks
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage