Three Bears + Comprehension

We love this book! Amazon affiliate link: Three Bears by Cliff Wright

I purchased this book on a whim, for my daughter, and I believe I was meant to find this book. The first time I read it, I am not ashamed to admit, I cried. There is something very special about the way it is written that I find difficult to explain. Somehow, I believe that it will strike a chord with you and your students also.

My absolute favourite line in the story is
" Sometimes, it really is very nice to be looked after".
There are many complex emotions illustrated and described very simply.

Poor Brown Bear is injured in the story. Black Bear and White Bear conspire to not only help Brown Bear recover, but build him a new house. Brown Bear conjures up a scenario that is total fantasy and believes he is being left out of the friendship. He gets upset and angry. All is resolved when the surprise is revealed and Brown Bear is reassured that he is not being left our of the friendship.

For me, the raw vulnerability and most precious beauty of friendship is revealed beautifully in this story. It explores so many different aspects of friendships. It would be perfect as a catalyst to talk about feelings and communication.

If you have not seen this book before - I highly recommend you add it to your home or class library. And if you do have it - here is a little freebie worksheet. Ask your students to draw or write about Brown Bear's feelings at the beginning, middle and end of the book.

Printable Worksheet For Three Bears By Cliff Wright

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