Let's Learn D and a FREE Reader

These word wall cards are from my latest phonics resource: Let's Learn D. I started making these files last year and am gradually making my way through the alphabet.I know, I know, I will hurry up and finish them off soon!

 The activities included have been carefully selected based on many years experience introducing letter-sounds to Kindergarten children.

I have written an original little rhyme for each letter sound. This can be sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell". When introducing a new sound to your students it is always good to have a tune, rhyme or song to go along with it. If you can add an action - better yet! 

I printed the word wall cards '4 to a page' so they fit in an index card box. I have about 8 pictures up on the board for each sound on a Monday morning (with magnets, turned around). I play a yes/no game where the students have to ask me questions about each picture before I turn it around and reveal it. I start by giving them a clue e.g 'It's an animal' and we go from there. They LOVE it! The word cards then stay on the board for the remainder of our week. 

The packet also includes a letter formation card. It shows the size and proportions of the letter and where to start writing it from. I display this along with the word cards and refer to it every day. I also have another copy, which I laminate and pin-prick from the back. The kids love to 'track' the letter with their finger, feeling the pin prick bumps right around the letter. This gives them some tactile awareness of the letter shape. 

I have included a printable reader-style book for students to make. If you are only introducing letter sounds, you will not be requiring the students to do too much other 'reading' as obviously they have not learned all the sounds yet! So, a VERY BASIC reader is perfect. I highly recommend having it in the style of a proper reader, so your students are not only learning the sound, but learning essential reading-behaviour skills simultaneously. 

Students build this reader themselves and have to match words and pictures and paste them in!

Try it for FREE by downloading it from TpT HERE

The set also includes 3 or 4 other basic worksheets. You will not need too many more than this, unless you want to implement death-by-worksheet! These cover the basics that you need at the time of introducing the letter-sounds for the first time.

Each packet in this series also includes a basic 'craft'. They can be quickly prepared and easily made by your students. I know from experience that this time in Kindergarten in very busy and students are just learning classroom routines and behaviours - so  you will want to keep your activities as simple as possible. This little duck will help brighten your room. Students can practice a very early handwriting pattern to draw the wing on the duck.

Introducing the single sound sis certainly one of my most favourite times in Kindergarten. I like to switch and change my activities from year to year and even after more than a decade teaching Kinder, I still like to gather new ideas. I hope this post has given you a few new ones too!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!