Teddies and My Maggie

Our "Teddies" game has been revised and we have been busy playing it today. My daughter quickly matched the mother bears with their matching set of babies.
I asked her to make matching sets with plastic teddy counters.
We then 'counted on' from the Mother Bear' number, with the counters to make a total of ten. I asked my daughter to point to the numeral and say it, and then continue counting as she placed each counter down. So for this one, she said "8... 9, 10". We then discussed how it takes just two more teddies to get from 8 to 10.
We read a few teddy themed books from our home library, including this one 'A Bug, a Bear and a Boy Go to School'. She is doing so well with her reading, and read this completely to me!
Here is a little paper craft she made also, just cutting out shapes from paper to make a teddy.
I have had quite a few people ask me how our new puppy is going. She is doing SO well! I thought I had been blessed just to have two delightfully behaved children (for the most part!) - now I have a well behaved puppy in the family. She is a doll I tell you!
Here she is - she is just about to graduate her 'Puppy Preschool'. The final test this week will be if she can sit on command - and then she will get her very own certificate!

You will notice her little sleepy eye. That sleepy eye is the whole reason we have her now, and not in 2 years time as planned. The pet shop we just happened to stop by one weekend informed us that she was on sale, as nobody wanted to buy her. She was 12 weeks and they would have liked her to be sold by 8 weeks. I was not waiting around to hear what would happen to her if she was not sold! She was ours, lazy eye and all! The vet has told us she is perfectly healthy, but will not win any beauty contests. We beg to differ!
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