Snap It Up!

What a week! It's been green. I have had a sick little man in my house and it has not been much fun at all. Green really. On all fronts. I managed to get some things done as I also had a sick hubby in the house, off work for a few days. Somehow I have managed to avoid the bug myself. Touch wood!
A few crocodile themed resources appeared this week - it all started with a doodle and some paper craft.. Well actually, it started because we only had green paper left in the craft cupboard. It matched my green week all round. My daughter LOVES to do paper craft, and when the 'what are we going to make today' question came... 'no more frogs we decided' - let's do something else green! A crocodile! Here they are hanging in her play room.

A paper craft file then ensued. This file can be used in your classroom to create similar crocodiles and even add a 'Summer Snaps' page to the bottom - your students can draw some things that they are planning for the summer break (whenever that may be for you). Just print the shapes and run them on green paper and your students will be ready to create a crocodile of their own!

I made this fun crocodile game called 'Snap it Up' to 'print and play'. 

 This was inspired by the crocodile doodle I drew early in the week.

Your students can learn the 'counting-on' strategy for addition with this one. Find it at TpT HERE

My daughter was bursting to come home and tell me about the 'doubles' she has been learning this week at school. So we invented a game together:

Snap the Crocodile!

You need
1. A dish of counters/chips
2. A plastic toy crocodile
3. Some blank 'twenty' frames
4. A standard six sided die

Place the crocodile on the dish and each player has a twenty frame game board.

Take turns to roll the die. When you have rolled, double your number and take the corresponding number of chips. Put them on your twenty frame (we just used two ten frames from my Core Drawers).

The first player to reach twenty can 'Snap the Crocodile' (grab the crocodile) and win the game!

I finished the week by heading to Officeworks and re-stocking on coloured paper. Hopefully I can find my more colourful creative mojo again!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully I will be back with more soon!