My daughter and I had fun making these origami people. She ended up making lots of the people in our family and enjoyed talking about how we are all different, yet the same in many ways.

Each has their own little personality.

These are great to make with kindergarten as the origami is very simple, and once you have gone over the steps a few times with your students, they will be making them all on their own in no time! Here is how the basic shape is made - excuse the wonky numbers!

Then you can add details with markers, paper pieces and craft supplies. 

We read a book about Families from our home library. I purchased a set of 'global community' books from Scholastic Book Club a few years ago, and they are wonderful. I use these in the classroom all the time during my HSIE lessons, they are great for showing students a variety of people, places and communities.

While talking about people, we took the opportunity to play a game I recently re-worked - "Number Line". A basic number game set that will help students with counting, numeral identification and forward/backwards number sequences to ten.

It would be great to have this number line up in the classroom permanently for a few weeks, and have it in a position where the cards can be manipulated. Pegged onto a line with clothespins/pegs is ideal. Practice counting - forwards and backwards and identifying numbers that come before/after.

You can take one or two cards away or flip them over and ask students to identify which number is missing.

The file also comes with a worksheet for students to complete after the activities.

You can find this printable resource in my TpT store HERE or at our website HERE

Have a great day friends!