Mrs Wishy Washy World!

After Miss 4 (my daughter)'s art class last week - she has been Mrs Wishy Washy mad!

Lucky we have a book at home that follows up on the original - called Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm. Lucky for me it is giving my daughter great practice making the sh sound - despite the fact that I find her mispronunciation almost irresistible!

I have created a few resources to fit in with Mrs Wishy Washy. Download this free writing page by clicking on the image. Use it to get your students to write about Mrs Wishy Washy's farm, or any farm related theme. Collect them all up and staple them together to make a class book. My students have always loved class books and they are always the first to be read. I even have a class book that my class made way back when I was in Year One that my teacher let me take home at the end of the school year.

I have also created a simple literacy game called Cow Town to help little ones learn to read words with the ow sound.

I have also done a search on TpT for other Mrs Wishy Washy resources and found some great resources from other sellers. There are hundreds of activities and resources for a farm theme. Miss 4 and I love these farm puppets from TpT as well.

I am off to play with the plastic farm animals and play-doh with Miss 4 - we love building fences, fields, trees and barns with the play-doh and then adding the animals for lots of farm-animal-noise making fun!

We joined in the fun of the blog hop at ABC and 123!

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