Double Bug!

I have just listed a new item on TpT and my website, called Double Bug. It includes some cute colourful posters to help introduce and explain doubles (yes, I am a very "visual" learner and teacher!) and a cute little printable card game to use in groups or a center.

"Double Bug" is a packet for helping your students learn the doubles strategy. 

It includes a printable poster set and addition game/center.

The colourful ladybug posters will help you introduce the concept of doubles to your students and also make an attractive display in your classroom. 

This game gives students the visual support of seeing the double, made up of two matching dot patterns. 

Students help their cute ladybugs to find doubles that add to make the numbers on their game board. 

This file features a teaching tips page, a detailed instruction sheet, ten display posters, six game boards, game cards cover page and worksheet

Click HERE to see it on TpT.

A great way to introduce doubles is to let your students use little mirrors. Give them a small quantity of counters or plastic teddies. Let them hold up a small hand mirror to see how their collection has doubled. Have them count out the new total. Ask your students to write number sentences to match a variety of "doubles" that they create with their mirror.

A great book to read to help introduce the idea of doubles is Two of Everything. (This is an Amazon Affiliate link)