Spotty Spiders - Teach the sp Consonant Blend

I have had a great month and to celebrate, I am giving away this cute free file to my blog followers and my newsletter subscribers. You can download it by clicking on the picture below.

It is a little action rhyme I made up to a familiar and favourite tune that you may know from a rhyme called Five Little Monkeys.

Print out a display poster for each part of the rhyme and focus on the sp sound. Talk about other sp words, other consonant blends that have s in them, like sl, sn, sk and st.

Use this rhyme for your introductory lesson on subtraction and talk about how the spider web loses one spider each time. As well as the display posters, there are instructions for creating your own spotty spider art project also.

Instead of printing, why not open the pdf file on your Smartboard to learn and discuss?

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together - Vincent van Gogh.