Ordering, Comparing and Writing Numbers to 20

Kindergarten students need lots of practice identifying, ordering, comparing and writing numbers to 20. We have a new resource to integrate all of these - and your students will be happily engaged in playful math! 

The Animals Count includes 8 game mats. Have your students write directly onto their mat using a marker. They will
  • say number names
  • count forward and back
  • start counting from different starting positions
  • build essential skills for early addition and subtraction (1 more, 1 less)
  • practice numeral formation

We've also included number cards. These can be printed on colored paper and used to fill in the missing numbers as an alternative to writing. 

Provided also is a Quick Math Craft - no gluing required. Your children will showcase their wonderful number writing skills by writing one number in each box. You can create a mini math activity with it too. 

Provide number cards and asking students to write the number they reveal from a face-down pile, into the correct position on their craft. This reinforces counting-on for addition too.

After, they can color, cut and display on a math focused bulletin board.

If you have the sets of numbers laminated and cut, keep them ready for some math warm ups too. Here is one for comparing numbers (from the numeral). Students flip 2 numbers and put them in order from smallest to biggest.

If you have the Big-Little Dog Puppets from the Pond Coloring Club you could use these to engage students and remind them about how to sort.

I hope your students love learning to work with and write numbers to 20! You may also like: