Addition to 20 - Happy Dice

Make small group math lesson happier than usual with the number friends! They will help your students get fluent in addition (within 20) and engage your students in skill based learning. 

You'll simply need the cards (provided in small and large size) and two 10-sided dice. 

addition within 20

Encourage your students to add their rolled numbers using a strategy (or combination) of their choice. They may:
  • find or make a ten
  • split or partition numbers 
  • bridge to 10 with a split number
  • use a double or near-double
  • count on
  • count from 1 - if you notice this, take students back to an easier game like Addition Dice to support them with dot patterns 

fluency in addition

This printable game is available, ready to print, in our TPT store today!

And to help you have even more fun in math - here is another idea for using the cards:

Take 3 with Happy Dice

  • students have 3 cards from the stack
  • they roll to add and remove a card if they have a match
  • the first student to lose all 3 cards is the winner

addition in first grade

I hope your students have fun with this math game! 

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