Tracing Page Cover

Today you can find a panda tracing page over in the Pond Coloring Club
Your children can practice their pencil and writing skills by outlining in crayon or marker and then shading with pencil or watercolor. 

tracing page book cover

Your children could also:
  • glue some soft cotton wool to the tummy
  • add some additional features or background elements - I've done some blue patches in the sky on this one
  • glue the page into a scrap book or put it in a folder along with some writing about pandas
You may like to make a tracing page crap book for your students or children to collect and browse their favorite pages throughout 2023. It will be so encouraging for them to see their progress in pencil control as they turn each page. 

2023 activity book tracing

I'd love to share this page with you freely here on the blog and look forward to providing you with more fun tracing projects in the coming months. If you're not yet a Pond Coloring Club member, you can use the code xmas today to get 25% off your first year! 

If you have a request for a page design, be sure to let me know

tracing pages panda

Find the tracing page cover in Google Drive: 2023 Tracing Page Cover 

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