Place Value on the Beach with Santa Koala

 Here is a low-prep math game for developing an understanding of place value!

Build a Sandcastle 

You need:

To play:

  • roll a dice
  • count and position a matching number of cubes on the starfish or shells
  • roll and count again
  • when all ten starfish and shells have been covered, you can color a gift (gift is worth 10)
  • keep rolling and coloring until all 9 gifts are colored
  • the sandcastle can be colored next (after another 10 cubes are added) and this signifies a 100 and the win

This can be played:

  • independently without an element of competition
  • in pairs - each with their own page and taking turns
  • with a 20 sided dice to make it faster and to encourage faster trading of numbers (for example if a child had 6 cubes out and rolls a 17, and opportunity arises for them to begin to trade mentally - coloring 2 gifts and collecting 3 cubes to represent 23 which they have calculated with a variety of strategies)
place value game

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