Window Art for Christmas

Christmas Art Project Windows

11 more projects have been added to the Christmas Window Art pack. If you have it already - the new goodies are ready and waiting for you!

Christmas Art Project Windows

Just add a light spray of cooking oil to the back and the light will shine through!

Every time I have completed these projects with students, they just can't get enough. They ask to complete multiple pages and love seeing their beautiful work on display. Together with pages from their friends they make a stunning collaborative art project.print several sets
  • have them sorted in trays for students to easily choose a design
  • leave crayons adjacent to the paper trays
  • use as a fast-finisher option over the coming weeks
Christmas Art Project Windows

They can also be displayed on a bulletin board, backed with black card or paper!

The designs include:tree
  • pudding
  • gift
  • star
  • holly
  • candle
  • bulb
  • bell
  • snowman
  • stocking
  • gingerbread person
  • decorated tree
  • reindeer
  • santa
  • winter bird
  • elf
  • dove
  • rainbow sunrise
  • pudding character
  • winter cottage
  • donkey
Christmas Art Project Windows

Christmas Art Project Windows

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