The Sticky Note Planner for the Organized (but) Scrappy Teacher!

I am not quite organised to do a blog post about this yet, but trust me, I have jotted it down on a post-it note (can't live without them!) to take some photos of these little gems in action! I'll get to it tomorrow!

I have designed a range of planing and organisational tools that fit with the teacher's best friend - the sticky note!

Print these off, pop them in a folder along with a folder packet of post-it notes and a pen. If you forget your folder at work, just take notes on a post it pad, and stick them in when you get home... too easy! Take notes when you are working with students on a mini pad, and stick them on your student page later in the day.

The packet includes both colour and black/white options, and I will design a page especially for you if there is not one that fits your style!

The idea is that if you are organised enough, you can use the planners like you always would, but if not, jot some ideas down on a sticky note, and pop it in the space until you get time. There are pages for recording to-do lists, student information, etc.

Perfect for the teacher that really wants to be perfectly organised, but can't help being a teeny tiny bit scrappy!