See Our Candles

I made these cute birthday cake and candles by request for my Graphics Premium Club.

They reminded me of a little action rhyme I like to do with my Kinders. They can 'act out' the steps. I love doing these as warm ups before my drama lessons, or to help them "get their sillies out" before we start a lesson.

It goes like this...

See Our Candles
See our candles
Tall and white
Light the tops
They're burning bright

See the flames
All gently sway
See the candles
Melt away.

I have finally started to list my 'Pond Kids' at TpT. They have been a few months of work. I am planning to develop a whole range of kids to go with different themes and topics, so if you need any in particular, be sure to let me know. Some of these 'positions' have been requested. I can't wait to see them on some lovely teaching resources, be sure to drop me a message to link up with how you use them.