Valentines Cut, Paste & Write Worksheets

I have just listed a Valentine's Day version of our Trace, Color, Cut, Paste and Write Worksheets. We made one of these for Christmas, and it proved very popular.

The worksheets are a great way for your little learners to practise a wide range of skills - including recognising sight words.

After writing their name, students cut a simple shape, following the dotted lines. Great fine motor, and hand-eye coordination!

Students can then color their cut-out shape.

Paste the colored shape into position on the worksheet - students will use visual discrimination and spatial skills to get the shape positioned correctly.

Students can then spend some time, decorating or coloring the background to their picture - you could provide craft materials and let your students be very creative!

Your students can now trace a sentence (and read it back to you) or write their own "story" on the version that has blank lines.

All finished - courtesy of my 4 year old, who is quite busting to get to big school!

These are perfect for Kindergarten classroom as your students can be busily engaged, while you get around the room to each of them individually and either help them with spelling, or work with them on early reading skills (getting them to read the sentence back, showing awareness of left-to-right progression, 1:1 correspondence, pointing to the words etc). You can give each student a little bit of time, while the others are working independently on important skills. Yes, it is a very structured activity, but it is helping them with very important skills on their journey to independent writing.