FREE Big Bad Wolf Writing Pages

The Big Bad Wolf!

He pops up in The Three Little Pigs and again in Little Red Riding Hood - The Big Bad Wolf! Although some students may be a little wary, most will find him a little fascinating. Especially if you read a story like The Wolf's Story - What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood 

I had fun designing some scary cute BBW graphics and also putting together a series of five writing activities that will cater for all your ability levels.

I have a series of writing resources called "Sentence Maker'. These resources will help you implement a 'whole class' writing lesson, and differentiate your activity sot cater for all levels of writing in your room. 

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You can find more writing pages for Fairytales, in this bigger packet on TpT.

Activity 1 is a cut and paste 'sentence maker'. Your students will learn about putting words  in the correct order, leaving spaces between their words and print having meaning. I always enlarge these onto big paper and do them as a whole class, modelling all the strategies "good readers and writers" use.

Activity 2 is a tracing activity - students will need to read the sentence first and then copy by tracing the letters in the correct formation. I move students on to the 'tracing' page once they have shown they can consistently complete the 'cut and paste' versions correctly. I also check to see that they can point to each word in a basic sentence and attempt to read it, knowing that each 'paste' is a complete word. 

Activity 3 - students who are able to copy print from models will enjoy this one. They can first read the sentence and then copy out the sentence underneath. This is for students that have demonstrated neat tracing over consecutive worksheets and the lines they make with the pencil show firm, steady control. Students that show signs of wanting to create their own text may also use this version - encourage them to invent their own sentence that follows on from the one printed.

Activity 4 can be used for your most confident writers and will require them to complete a their own sentences about the Big Bad Wolf. 

I hope you and your students like using these worksheets - find more 'Sentence Maker' files in my TpT store!

Let me know if you have a great activity for the Big Bad Wolf!

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