Another Black Cat!

My daughter and I have become somewhat preoccupied with black cats since our crafty experience last week. It doesn't help that the shops here are filling up with Halloween bits and pieces...everywhere we go we are seeing cats, and witches and pumpkins....

With a bit of a clean-up, we turned one of my daughter's cat drawings (at another post I will tell you about her rapidly developing drawing skills) into a black cat craft!

She drew this and I made it into a template for you! You can make a black cat with a long twisty tail to hang as a mobile from the ceiling.

We'd love to share it with you from Google Drive: Black Cat Twisty Tail Craft

We have also just moved our two bookcases full of children's books downstairs (it is scary just to see how many I have collected over my teaching years). My daughter keeps finding books about cats and it seems it is her latest obsession emerging interest - to find as many cat books as possible!

More For Black Cats

Slinky Malinki is one of her new has been on the shelf for quite some time, and it is now getting its long overdue hero status! If you have not read any Slinky Malinki - you simply MUST!

My Black Cat Craft

We also have a black cat craft in our TPT store based on one of my sketches! You can find it HERE

Black Cat Halloween Craft

Animated Reading for Equal Groups

October is the perfect time to listen to Cat and Bat - our animated story about a cat, a bat and a candy tree! Your little ones will learn about equal groups in math too!

We hope you love these ideas. 

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