Spooky House Drawing - Perfect for Halloween

Halloween Art Project

Spooky Haunted House Art Project - Directed Drawing

We'd love to share a fun art project with you today. A spooky haunted house is an engaging project for students to draw and create and provides for a creative and engaging writing task too!

We used art paper, watercolors and oil pastel to create ours.
  1. Follow the directed drawing steps to draw the haunted house.
  2. Paint the house using watercolor.
  3. Once dry, outline in black marker.
  4. Add line detail with oil pastel or thick rich crayons.
Free drawing steps: Draw a Spooky House

Halloween Art Project

To generate engagement and spooky vocabulary, we read Spookyrumpus by Tony Mitton. It is a hoot and full of fun, energetic and slightly-spooky language - perfect for some writing to accompany this art project. 

Halloween Art Project

While reading, stop on one of the pages and ask students to generate a detailed word bank full of descriptive language. Tell them to identify words using their senses - what would this page
  • look
  • sound
  • smell
  • feel
  • taste like?

Halloween Art Project

As you read, jot down some of the descriptive phrases and words used by the author. These can be used in student writing too!

Halloween Art Project

Students may like to write a description of the spooky house setting without giving a full complete story. Our Spooky Directed Drawing pack has 15 different projects that will help springboard a huge range of stories and writing tasks. 

Here are some Frankie paintings we did from this pack:

Today, we'd love to share the Spooky House pages with you right here on our blog: Spooky House Directed Drawing and Writing Pages

This sample includes the drawing steps for the haunted house in our 4 project style options: Big Draw, Draw and Write, Classic Draw and Read-Draw-Write

Spooky House Numbers

If you're looking for a fun math activity with a spooky house theme - I'd love to share these worksheets with you from Google Drive: Who Is In the Spooky House