More Ideas for Number Display Posters

A display of numbers can contribute to your kindergarten math activities as well as adding some color and fun to your classroom. Students can reference number order and counting skills, participate in daily counting and use them in games and warm ups.

I just added some Rainbow Trucks to the Number Display Bundle, available in my TPT store and would love to share with you a few ways to use them.  

addition activities

Matching Mats

  • have students make a set of objects (plastic math bears or hippos work well) to match the number on each truck

from the pond rainbow truck number display

Comparing Numbers

  • ask students to take 2 trucks and build each number with cubes
  • ask students to talk about which has more/less
  • ask students to add more blocks to one of the trucks so they become equal
  • talk together about equality in numbers - making groups the same

how to teach number sense in kindergarten


  • cut the trucks and make matching puzzles
  • shuffle the sections and have students match the numeral to the dots

number puzzles


  • for a challenge, create addition problems by placing 2 puzzle parts together (that do not match)
  • ask students to find the total
  • they can use equipment - like place value blocks - to support their addition
  • this is a practical way to introduce 2 digit addition 

2 digit addition with the number trucks

2 digit addition in first grade

I hope your students love math and numbers a little more today after playing with the Rainbow Trucks!

If you receive my newsletter you'll get a free Gingerbread Man truck as a gift from me this week. Here is a fun math warm up to play to support subtraction fluency (taking away 2 quickly).

gingerbread man math

Be sure to check the Math Warm Up page on my website for more ideas and support.

Find the printable truck number display posters in my store HERE