Sorting Leaves Math Warm Up

If you've had lovely of leaves up on display in your classroom (like these ones from our Pond Premium Coloring Club), when you take them down use them in your math games and warm ups before sending them home with students. 

Here is one idea:

Leaf Litter

  • put all the leaves in the middle of your play space and a stack of face-down number cards
  • children take turns to flip a card and count the matching number of leaves, demonstrating 1:1 correspondence as they count
  • the rest of your small group watch and listen to check the accuracy of the count
  • keep taking leaves until they have all been gathered
  • extension: flip 2 cards and find/count the difference (e.g. flip 5 and 9 - difference is 4) 
Leaf Craft Coloring Club

I hope your students are excited for math today and this warm up has you feeling supported and excited to teach. If you’d love more ideas for math and early-years learning be sure to join my newsletter so you don’t miss out!