Math Warm Up - The Difference

 Here is a great warm up for counting and building a foundation for addition and subtraction. Students will count-on to find the difference between two numbers. You can use any counting posters from our number display bundle, we've used the new ice cream posters

number posters for kindergarten

Find the Difference

  • take 2 cards
  • count up from one to the next and add a counter each time
  • change one card for a different one and count again
  • have several counts to be warmed up ready for math learning
ice cream math posters

Use them for:
  • reference - students can use them as a number line for counting support
  • math activities - play a game with your numbers or counting each morning
  • daily counting - count forwards, backwards, by 2 etc 
  • classroom decor - they will complement all our posters, banner, labels etc
  • visuals for math lessons - as shown here in the math warm up
  • print 2 sets for matching/memory games
number line with ice creams

I hope your students love having fun in math today - let me know if I can help!