Cool Addition to 20

I'm sharing from our TPT store a Cool Addition activity set. It now includes 3 sets of ten frame cards to give you more ways to play and engage your students! 

Game instructions are included for an addition game with a small group, here are a few more ways to use them:

addition to 20 game

  • recognizing numbers in different arrangements: print Set 1 and Set 3 and have students match the numbers (different arrangements on the frame)
  • add to ten: place the cards face down, a student takes one cards and tells the number that will combine to make 10
  • subitizing: play to traditional rules of snap - print all 3 sets, put them face down and students watch for a match as cards are flipped
addition activity cards

3 Numbers to Make 20

Print and cut an extra set to make single ice cream square counters.
Students take 2 cards and fill in the empty spaces to make the 3rd number.
Students record the 3 numbers that total 20.