One Page Number Crafts

A number version of my one page crafts has been made by request and added to my TpT store. These fun activities will help you engage your students in a creative activity that will look amazing on your bulletin boards!

A'one page craft' is easy to prep - you will simply copy one page per student to complete the crafts. 

Students color or paint their page before cutting and assembling their craft. Each craft will differ slightly in assembly procedures. 

As an optional extension to the craft or art lesson I have included a bonus collection of coordinating 'handwriting papers' so you can ask your students to complete some practice of numeral formation, number word writing and sentence writing. Along with the words to trace, students will trace a simple picture to match each craft.

The pack includes:

0. Zero is my Hero
1. One Has Fun Clown
2. Two Wears Shoes
3. Three at Sea
4. Open the Door Four
5. Five in a Hive 
7. Fix the Six
8. Eight is a Gate

9. Nine Likes to Dine 
10. Ten in a Den

Find this creative pack in my TpT store HERE and if you like the idea of building your collection of high quality and low prep craft activities - pop over here to see Pack #1

Have a wonderful day friends, thanks for stopping by!

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