5 Ways I Stay Productive at my Desk

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to quickly share with you 5 ways I make the most out of my time at the desk.

I've spent a fair chunk of my life at a desk of one sort or another and to be honest, some of it could have been more productive - getting into a flow gets easier over time. Here are 5 things that work for me.

1. Routine
I have 3 simple steps that I carry out every time I sit down at my desk and when I finish at my desk. It really doesn't matter what the steps are - the consistent routine will get you ready to focus. It could be for example - 
1. Make a cup of tea. 
2. Do a quick sketch or doodle. 
3. Put some music on. 

2. Goals
At the end of the final stint of work for the day I will quickly jot down 3-5 simple goals or reminders for the next day. They are on a post it note. Some days they don't get looked at, let alone done - but the key is I have a focus for my next session of work if I need them.

3. 5 Minutes
When I can't 'get started' I commit to digging deep and doing at least 5 minutes work. It is the same when I am exercising - the first steps are the most difficult. 99.9% of the time, I keep going, somehow  finding motivation and creativity. 
I spend 5 minutes clearing and reordering my desk at the end of the day.

4. Self Awareness
After much time at a desk I am now an expert and knowing when I have 'hit the wall' so to speak, or not using my time wisely. My mind is wandering I feel a heaviness that I know I cannot ignore.  I get up from the desk and do something totally different - housework, a stretch, get come fresh air, let my mind wander. 

5. Sit/Stand
I've used a standing/sitting arrangement for working at my computer for the last year and cannot recommend it highly enough.  

These practises are also considerations I take to my 'in-the-classroom teacher desk'. My creative work at home has helped me develop fantastic time management practices in my teacher work. Additional paperwork and documentation can be a significant contributor to stress and fatigue as a teacher - but if you develop some routine habits that you commit to - over time this aspect of your work can become much more manageable.

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Because if there was a #6 - it would be to make your desk a place you want to be. If you don't love it or use it - get rid of it! Think about ways you could make your space visually reflect the work you want to achieve! 

- Mel x

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