Hi, I'm Mel. 

Welcome to my blog 'From the Pond' a place where I can help you find the perfect printable learning activity and share more detail about what I create.

I design and self-publish my printables from scratch so they are perfect for you. Most start with a hand drawn sketch and I personally create each and every page so all you need to do is press 'print'.

My husband Brett joins me at From the Pond with business and administration support. We have two beautiful children and live in NSW Australia.

I love clear, uncluttered activities for little learners. I want your students to be engaged by the visual appeal of my activities and for that engagement to be an integral part of the learning in your classroom. 

I love family, making cups of tea, drinking coffee, drawing and learning. Thinking of new ways to engage children and making learning fun, consumes me.  I've been making digital documents to help teachers since 2004 and been on a long and captivating journey ever since - I am so glad to have you with us. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will follow along with my very random, honest and heartfelt blog posts! Our FAQ page may answer some more of your questions.

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Have a wonderful day friend!

- Mel x