Sharing for Division

We have a set of worksheets that can be used to support your teaching of early division. They complement our animated text Cat and Bat

They are perfect in the week leading up to Halloween with Bat sharing his candy with Cat equally. 

Discuss a 'fair share' with your students. Model some examples. Check that they can identify equal and unequal groups - if not, go back and teach equality

Today I want to share some supporting ideas for just one of the worksheets in the pack.  On the worksheet your students are asked to share 12 dots onto 6 clouds. 

Model with Equipment

  • teach a mini lesson before students complete the page
  • whole class activity
  • put six containers out and 12 counters
  • tell students that you will share them equally between the containers
  • model how to distribute a total set equally to a number of groups - say I have 12 counters, I will share them equally to 6 containers
  • repeat with different numbers and having students sharing and distributing

division with equal groups

Practice with Equipment

  •  before students complete the page, let them model the task with small equipment 
  • observe how your students distribute the counters across the clouds and help them with strategies if needed
division with small equipment

sharing equally

a fair share

Completing the Page

  • students can color each dot a different shade on their page to help with sharing
  • provide dot stickers for stduents to use instead of coloring
  • use stamps or paint sponges for added engagement 
division in kindergarten

math worksheet for division

The other 11 worksheets in the pack are different, providing a gradual development of skills and opportunities for your students to learn in a supported and structured progression. They can be collated into a booklet to provide a structured sequence of learning, or you can easily use them with stand-alone lessons. A cover page is provided should you like your students to work from the booklet.

Find the worksheet pack and story (it's free) alongside a range of other activities to support your program over on our website!

Equal Groups Worksheets