Earth Day Art Project

Earth Day is almost upon us and we thought we'd share a new art project idea for you to complete with your learners. You can choose to have your students complete it step by step or use as a stimulus for them to create and generate their own art project.

The steps are all shown over in our Youtube video. Simply play it for your students and pause throughout for them to draw their own. To complete the drawing encourage your learners to use a range of mediums to add color 
  • pencils
  • chalk pastel
  • watercolor
  • markers
  • oil pastel 
Earth Day Art
We recently added 2 new books to our home library - perfect for Earth Day!

Your planet needs you by Philip Bunting, and 

Earth Day Book

The gentle genius of trees. Also by Philip Bunting.

Do you have a favorite text to read for Earth Day? Hop over to Instagram and send me a message - I'd love to add more to my collection and teachers have the best advice!

Earth Day Book

To make things more practical for you, we've created a printable pack of the steps. Along with writing pages you students can follow directly on their drawing page in one of 4 styles. Find it over in our store.