Ladybugs on a Leaf Art Project for Kids

We would love to help guide you through a ladybugs-on-a-leaf art project today. We've included step by step drawing photos and some ideas for painting. You can also watch Mel draw it in the video below:
  • place your page in landscape position
  • draw a giant leaf shape

  • 2 draw 5 circles on the leaf - these are the ladybugs!

  • draw a T on each ladybug to divide the head and wings

  • draw a face on each ladybug

  • draw spots on the wings

  • draw antennae on each bug
  • draw a center line down the middle of the leaf

  • draw the sun and a cloud
  • draw some extra leaves around the edge if you wish

  • watercolor your drawing

  • add crayon detail to brighten the details and make the edges bolder

  • your finished!

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