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Classroom rules can help create a wonderful classroom community. A well managed learning space makes students feel safe, secure and happy. Properly explained and consistently reinforced rules and expectations will make your classroom happy and a place everyone wants to be!

We suggest these 6 rules for the classroom:
  1. listen
  2. be nice
  3. try hard
  4. be safe
  5. share
  6. care
Why simple? Children have a hard time remembering the first letter of their name in the early days of school, let alone streams and streams of long complicated words that express your desired expectations for classroom behavior.

When you consider most expectations in the classroom, they will fit within one of our six 'simple' rules.  For example, if you have an expectation that students walk in the room (not run), this will fit with the 'be safe' rule.

Use our editable version of these posters to change the rules if you need!

Classroom Expectations

Classroom Decor

Classroom Expectations

I have provided 3 options for you to display:

1. large page sized class rules posters (see photos above)

2. one page class rules poster

This poster features all 6 rules and is perfect for small classrooms with limited space for visuals.

3. half page size class rule cards

Create a vertical display with the half page size cards and header.

Ask your students to draw and write how they demonstrate the 6 rules on the follow-up activity book to reinforce the expectations.

Set a platform for growth understanding and learning by helping your learners understand how their positive actions fit into your set of expectations called 'rules' using words that are abundantly clear and familiar with. Give them words that they can instantly visualise themselves acting out.

When the foundations are clear, strong and meaningful we can then grow and move into more intricate detail and understanding.

Head over to TpT if you would like to take a peek at this resource.

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