Place Value Bingo

Have you seen our recently listed Tens and Ones Bingo printable math game activity? It's a fun and exciting way for your learners to explore the place value concept - particularly identifying pictures of partitioned tens and ones. 

I want to share with you 4 ways you can use the printable pieces in this lovely pack!

Tens and Ones Bingo

The first is to play to the included instructions. Just like traditional bingo, students place a token or marker over their pictures once the number is called. Here they will be matching their knowledge of place value to 2 digit numerals.

Tens and Ones Place Value Math Game

Writing 2 Digit Numbers

The second way to use the game mats would be to have students write the numbers they see on each mat. This can be done directly on the board with a dry erase marker or have them jot them down on a scrap of paper. 

While you have the dry erase markers out, play a game where students roll a dice and shade the matching numbers of ones on their game mat. When all numbers are completely shaded, a winner is declared. 

Tens and Ones Place Value Math Game

Matching Numerals with Place Value Pictures

Use the cards to play a simple covering activity. Lat the boards out and the number cards face down. Students take turns to flip a card and find the picture to cover. No winner, just lots of number fun!

Tens and Ones Place Value Math Game

Tens and Ones Worksheet

Another way to use the printable pages in this pack is to have students complete the cut and paste worksheet. This is a great little assessment piece.

To challenge them further, trim off the number tiles and ask them to write the numbers!

Tens and Ones Place Value Math Game

Tens and Ones Place Value Math Game

Place Value Bingo is available individually but is also included in our recently listed Math Pack 29 in our TpT store

Math Pack 29 will help you reinforce the concept of partitioning numbers into tens and ones. It deals with numbers from 1 to 100.

All of our Maths Pack activities can be used in a structured game rotation program, as math centers or in guided math. Once taught, they also make fantastic 'fast-finisher' activities for revision of key concepts also. 

Place Value Partition Tens and Ones Activities

If you have Math Pack 29 - or any of our printable math resources, please be sure to tag up on social media. As busy teachers we don't always see them in real time, but we eventually do find them all and love to see them.